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Special : The Gourmande (ISAD Prototype UI)

The Gourmande


Of all my half-baked art, the signs series are the ones I love most. "Matrialised" was the first one I ever made, and in my opinion, one of my best. Some are more comical rather than serious, while others are the way around.

Recently, I haven't had many motivations for creations of these arts again, resulting of a busy college life. I won't push myself to create anything, but I won't hold back if I want to either. Expect more, but don't expect on a scheduled basis.. Cheers..

"OK, go to school and I'll buy you a car" - Dad

Paths and Rewards
"There's always 2 paths in a journey.. One is easy, and its only reward is that it's easy" -Anonymous

I No See, I No Feel
"Being completely ignorant isn't that easy" -Me

Help Keep Yourself Clean
"Help Keep Yourself Clean.
For You And Yourself" -Sign

An Aging Birthday
"A lonely death is waiting for us all" -Me

Thai Food
"Chicken with basal leaves is lethal" -Me

Thai Food - Animated
"Chicken with basal leaves is lethal" -Me

"Wanna share? Don't just feed your body, feed your heart." -Me