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My wheels of fate.. Don't bug me..


Here, I'll put all the stuff that I don't feel like putting anywhere else.. It may serve as a blog, or a link, or a review of sth.. I dunno yet.. Haven't decided.. BLAH!

Activity Log

I decided to include the ISAD site I did too, since I wanted to show it to my mates ;) It's in the Gallery section.

Cleaned my room, at last, after 3 months of virtually no decent cleaning..
Leaving for home in 3 hours.. Ah... Another 15 hour train trip.. And with SARS on the break like this, -_-;

This is a test link , yo!

Hmmm.. Barcelona vs AC Milan in 45 minutes.. I should get up and go wash that huge pile of underwear.. Hmm... Yes, that's what I should do.. But...

Everybody's dancing in the moonlight..
Dancing in the moonlight..
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight..
Everybody's feeling warm and bright.. '
Cept me..

Sitting here thinking about the format of the text.. I love lines. I adore people who could put them into good use.. I'm trying, dude, I'm trying..

Re-did the site's template again. I've been trying to study other people's sites right now, ripping the sites off to pieces.. How they put things together and more importantly, why. RIght now, I know "how", but still can't figure out "why"...